EUROPEAN ROUTE of Kindertransports

kindertransports arrival frank-meislerkindertransporte berlin frank-meislerkindertransporte departure gdansk frank-meislerkindertransports hoek-van-holland frank-meisler

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from left to right: "The ARRIVAL" Kindertransportsculpture London 2006, "TRAINS TO LIFE - TRAINS TO DEATH" Berlin-Friedrichstrasse 2008, "THE DEPARTURE" GDANSK Railway Station 2009, Hoek van Holland - Queen Emmaboulevard 2011 - sculptor Frank Meisler Tel Aviv.

Other sculpturs about kindertransports in Vienna (railway station west) and Prague (railway station).

Links to the official websites of the kindertransports organisations in London and New York.

Encounters with survivors of the Kindertransports

leave a strong impression "It is a more intense experience than can be obtained from any history book" writes a pupil from the 10th grade from Viersen/NRW.
We have been active for more than 10 years in organizing encounters between survivors and schools and similar institutions and finding ways of involving them in the educational process.

If you are interested in the topic of children transports to England 1938-39 or plan an event related to it, we will be glad to support you. Please send us your request on this website or to